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<FONT COLOR=FFFFFF SIZE="-1">Christian Friedl,</FONT> André Wobst, 2005/05/25, 05:41 PM 

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The tippe top (Stehaufkreisel)

Do you know the tippe top? It is a top which is inverting its position during rotation. About this very nice toy Christian Friedl has written his diploma thesis and by the help of André Wobst there arised an animation which visuals the numerical simulations.

On the following pages we present a short overview about the used model and discuss its relevant ingredients. Finally we give an explanation for the very amazing behavior of the tippe top. Besides this more theoretical considerations we also show some results of our numerical simulations.



Necessity of friction


Mystery of the top

Explanation of the sit up

Numerical simulations – plots

Numerical simulations – animations

Further informations

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