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Numerical Simulation – animation

By the help of povray we created an animation of the tippetop. The motion is shown in proper geometry. When playing 25 frames per second, the animation lasts 60 seconds, while the simulated data comes from 12 seconds (thus 5 times slow motion). The transition into the inverted position of the top is repeated with an even higher slow motion (25 times), while the animation continues in a small subpicture. During the hole animation a small cross section thru the top is shown, where the contact points are indicated by arrows. The blackness of these arrows show the value of the contact forces. This "blackness scale" is strongly non-linear for visual reasons.

The animation is available in the mpeg-format and has a file size of approximately 2.6 MB. It can be started by clicking at the following preview picture:

sample picture

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