Posts for the month of November 2019

Sorry Apple, too late

I would have brought the new Apple 16" machine for sure, if it would have been available last fall. But Apple just did not offer any reasonable laptop. For years. Until today. I was forced to replace my previous machine by the support end of El Capitan and no newer operating system being available on this old machine. (The situation might have been different, if I could have used Sierra or even High Sierra. Technically, this might have been possible as some hacks have shown, but Apple decided to not support this.)

I finally decided to end my 15 years of Mac user life and switched (back) to Linux for my laptop. Last September I brought a Lenovo X1 carbon 6th gen. right after they announced the support of the S3 sleep mode to improve Linux compatibility. (They added a Linux BIOS option for that, awesome.) I do not regret it. I am fully aware of my rather limited use-case. Linux is not at all a reasonable replacement for many situations. Still, it also has advantages. Furthermore I admit to having used Ubuntu 19.04 initially for better compatibility with the hardware compared to Debian 9. This, again, confirms the trouble to be taken into account. But since this summer I am happy with Debian 10. Apple has lost me, and it is not clear whether I will ever come back.