Py3k WSGI Test

I started a small project back in May where I was trying to use Python 3 for web development for the first time. While it somehow worked (with ugly hacks in the stdlib and being a memory hog), I finally decided it to be a failure. As I needed the project to get in production I switched back to Python 2 and everything worked out well. Still, I'm interested in web development on Python 3. Recently the author of the Python 3 enabled WSGI framework bottle started a new project multipart to fix the problems with cgi.FieldStorage. As the WSGI problems on Python 3 are under constant discussion I want to demonstrate the use of multipart in bottle even though multipart has not yet been integrated in bottle by the author. In my mind it can be used already (at least for development and test instances), it works well, and doesn't look ugly at all. So you are welcome to have a look at the source of my sample application and test the demo instance (edit: link to the demo instance removed, as it is not available anymore).


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